How to get Admission in Nigerian Universities

From the overview of Nigerian Educational system getting into an undergraduate level either University polytechnic and college of Education has been the routine practice of Nigerian youths after secondary school to pursue a career of their choice.

Some students are fortunate to be covered under NGO scholarships funds sponsored by their respective foundations.

Most are under Federal and state Government allocation funds from their nation treasury accounts into respective educational scholarships funds which helps interested students to gain admission, these steps are means to get funds to sponsor candidates into tertiary education, but rarely available for students who are ignorant of this opportunity.

Criteria for undergraduate qualifications 

  • High jamb score: High jamb scores is one of the most important criteria for Nigerian students to get Admission into tertiary education program. which varies from the grades according to choice of course to study. Medical and engeneering courses requires high jamb score from atleast 250 and above to be eligible for further screening.
  • O level Verifications: The elementary compulsory prerequisites for admission into various Nigerian Educational system is Waec or Neco Verification which must be at least passes in the five subjects associated to your field of study including English and Mathematics from credit level and above to be qualified.
  • Good Educational Background : Standard educational backgrounds is a good criteria for interested candidates to easily go into tertiary education program easily because of good educational background they tend to have higher standards of learning from onset which is one of the most important criteria to scale through in high professional courses in the the Nigerian Educational program all over the Institution across the nation.
  • Prior knowledge of University admission criteria : Students with prior experience of Jamb and Waec and their respective scope of knowledge have higher chances of scoring above their equals when it comes to competitive entrance examination into the Nigerian Educational system, because of prior knowledge of past questions and answers. This prior knowledge improves the speed of their oral and written Examinations.

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