WhatsApp announces major change to privacy control

KARACHI: WhatsApp has announced a new change in its privacy setting, given the growing trend of groups on its platform.

WhatsApp users have long been demanding that the privacy setting for key conversations be changed in the case of groups.

Now, according to a WhatsApp release, users have gained more control after the new privacy setting and they now have the option of who can now add them to the WhatsApp group.

Go to your app settings to enable it. From there go to Accounts, then Privacy and Groups. There are three options Avery One (everyone), MyContacts (My Contacts) or MyContacts Expect (other than My Contacts). My contacts mean that anyone in your address book can add you to the group, except the My Contacts option gives you more control over which of your contact lists add you to the group. can do.

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In this case, no group admin can add you to the group, but you will immediately be invited to join the group via individual chat which will give you the option to join the group.

You will have three days to join the group, after which the invitation to join the group will no longer be valid.

With these new features, users will also have more control over the group messages they receive. New privacy settings will be available to some users starting today, and in the coming days the latest version of WhatsApp will be available worldwide.

Sadaf Khan of Media Matters for Democracy said, “The importance of connecting with people through the WhatsApp in a whole new way, increasing connectivity and the performance of professional issues is increasing with regard to consumer privacy and security. Take the concern more seriously – Introducing new ways to increase consumer control is a positive step. We appreciate the efforts of the WhatsApp, which facilitates our customers and hopes its impact will grow. The app will keep track of its responsibilities and go through the process of empowering its users with different tools. Which will help them determine the use of their information in an active and informed way

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