Trump’s Middle East Plan, The Muslim World Divide

US President Donald Trump’s Middle East Plan divides the Muslim world, Pakistan, Turkey and Iran completely reject the plan, Pakistan calls for the establishment of a Palestinian state on the frontier borders before 1967. Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Qatar endorse Trump plan

Pakistan rejects US President Trump’s plan to snatch Palestinians’ rights The Foreign Office says Pakistan is supportive of Palestine, which borders the pre-1967 border and its capital is Jerusalem.

Turkey has also strongly criticized Trump’s plan, saying the plan is a conspiracy to deprive Palestinians of their rights and legalize Israel’s illegitimate state.

Iran called the plan a nightmare for the Middle East and the world. Germany has criticized Trump’s so-called peace plan.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Bahrain and Qatar have welcomed the Trump plan; Britain and France have also called the US proposal a serious and viable one.

Protests are also taking place in various Muslim countries against Trump’s proposed plan. Thousands protest outside US embassies in Turkey and Jordan


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